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Wir laden wieder zu uns in die Fachschaft zum Architekturkino ein. Es gibt Popkorn und Chips sowie Softdrinks und Bier ! Der Eintritt ist kostenlos ! Komm doch vorbei !

_The human scale_
Half of the human population lives in urban areas. By 2050, this will increase to 80%. Life in a megacity is both enchanting and problematic. Today we face peak oil, climate change, loneliness and severe health issues due to our way of life. But why? The Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has studied human behavior in cities through four decades. He has documented how modern cities repel human interaction, and argues that we can build cities in a way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account. ‘The Human Scale’ meets thinkers, architects and urban planners across the globe. It questions our assumptions about modernity, exploring what happens when we put people into the centre of our planning.
– Written by Final Cut for Real

18.05.2017, Fachschaft Architektur
_18.30 Uhr
_Eintritt frei

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